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Spatial Location of Taita Taveta County
Spatial Location of Taita Taveta County

Brief Overview of Taita Taveta County

In a planet that is almost on the brink of overload, where our wildlife has been distanced to the most remote corners, the Tsavo Conservation Area serves as a meritorious reminder that all in not lost. Covering 21,000 kms and the largest protected wildlife complex in Kenya, it pieces itself as an outdoor encyclopedia to explore the wildest Africa. Here, you find yourself in a strange country where men are rarer than animals. Where it is not hard to understand how 25 million years of evolution gave Tsavo’s ‘red elephants’ their emblematic trunks suited to uproot a mature tree in one go, yet, powerful when showing affection. Tsavo is a spectacular wild exposition – a little like visiting a zoo but one of a mega extent.

Established as a singular entity consisted of Tsavo East, Tsavo West and Chyulu Hills National Parks, cupping about 4% of the total land surface of Kenya, Tsavo Conservation Area is the most patronized wildlife protected habitation in Kenya attracting almost 350,000 visitors every year. Its proximity to the Coast Region of Kenya also gives it a great advantage over many National Parks in Kenya. In fact, the generally peneplain Taita Taveta County falls under the Coast Region of Kenya going by its altitude, soils, natural and cultural resources. 62% of Taita Taveta County is embraced by the Tsavo National Parks – Tsavo East and West.

Taita Taveta County is divided into three major topographical zones. The upper zone, befitted for horticultural farming, is comprised of Taita, Mwambirwa and Sagalla Hills regions; with altitudes ranging between 304 and 2,208 ms. In the midland zone, west of the coast range bordering Kwale and Kilifi Counties, the terrain drops deeply into the Nyika Plateau – a harsh wild of gently rolling relief that gradually rises further inland, where goodly hills, notably of Kilibashi and Kasigau, predominate over.  The lower and transitional zone of Nyika Plateau is consisted of the vast plains where there is ranching, national parks, and mining.

View of Elephants in Tsavo East National Park
View of the Famed ‘Red Elephants’ in Tsavo East National Park

Salient Features of Taita Taveta County

  • County Number 06
  • Area – 17,084 km2
  • Altitude – 1,390 ft
  • Major Towns – Voi, Mwatate, Taveta
  • Borders – Kajiado, Makueni, Kitui, Taita Taveta, Kilifi, Kwale
Taita Taveta County Map

Brief History of Taita Taveta County

The first shot that beckoned the start of the World War 1 land campaign in the East African region was fired on August 15th, 1914, at the border town of Taveta in Taita Taveta County.  The District Commissioner fired the shot from the then Taita Taveta Police Station. That deciding shot killed a German soldier, whose grave is found at Taita Cemetery. This was instigated by the German soldiers from Tanzania who had invaded the British Taveta border post, killing a native guard, Murimi Mwiti, who was manning the outpost. Forthwith, the German General led the British Empire forces on a four year snipe hunt starting on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro further southerly into Tanzania, and Mozambique.

The Five Sister Hills in Tsavo West National Park.  Photo Courtesy of The Sane Travel
Five Sister Hills in Tsavo West National Park. Courtesy of The Sane Travel
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50 Attractions in Taita Taveta County, arranged as one would visit these - north, west then west - with aid of in-depth narratives, images, strip maps and distance chart:

Chyulu Hills National Park, Kisula Caves, Kampi ya Kanzi Lodge, Tsavo West National Park, Kamboyo Cottage, Shetani Lava Flow, Chaimu Crater, The Five Sister's Hills, Mzima Springs, Kilaguni Serena Safari Lodge, Ngulia Hills, Ngulia Hills Rhino Sanctuary, Kitchwa Tembo Hill, Finch Hatton Camp, Voyager Ziwani Camp, Mount Kilimanjaro, Lake Chala, Crystal Caves of Lake Chala, The Snipers Tree, Salaita Hill, Grogan’s Castle, Lake Jipe, Lake jipe Safari Camp, Maktau Railway Station, Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, Sarova Salt Lick Game Lodge, Lumo Wildlife Sanctuary, Lion’s Bluff Lodge, Mwakitau Hill, Ndolwa Wildlife Sanctuary, Taita Hills, Wundanyi Bluff, Ngangao Forest, Kenyatta Caves, Sagalla Hill, Rev Wray Memorial Museum, Ngutuni Wildlife Sanctuary, Camp Tsavo, Rukinga wildlife Sanctuary, Teita Sisal Estate, Tsavo East National Park, Yatta Plateau, Emusaya Wilderness Zone, Mudanda Rock, Lugard's Falls, Voi War Cemetery, Kanderi Swamp, Voi Wildlife Lodge, Aruba Dam, Taru Desert

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