Uasin Gishu County

26. Sergoit Golf and Wildlife Resort

The ongoing Sergoit Golf and Wildlife Resort set-up on 3,000 acres of charming land around Sergoit Hill is the blossoming living, leisure and recreation village consisted of 2,000 villas, an 18-hole golf course, a wildlife conservancy, a 5-star resort and a high-altitude training centre. On realization, this Shs. 40 bn project will indubitably transform the farming boonies of Sergoit Hill to a tourism hub.

View of Sergoit Hill.  Photo Courtesy

Sergoit Rock and the hills seen south of Turbo, including Kaptabei and Ndalat, are residuals of the end-Cretaceous surface; a reduction in summit elevations of the residuals from 7,870 feet at Sergoit Rock to 7,200 feet at Ndalat is an expression of the westedy inclination of the end-Cretaceous surface parallel to the lower Miocene surface – W. Pulfrey.

27. Chebara Dam

Commissioned in 1999, Chebara Dam, situated 12 kms northeast of Sergoit Hill along the C50 Eldoret-Cherangani Road, is fed by Moiben River that rises in the Embobut Forest within the Cherangani Hills Forest Reserve. This 12 km2 dam is the main source of water for residents of Eldoret Town and its environs.  The picture-postcard Chebara Dam, set in the middle of a forest patch, part of which was cleared to set it up, is still a hidden gem of adventure which can be explored on a long afternoon outing.  There are boats available for hire, either for fishing or for simply exploring the dam. There are walking trails which loop around the dam.  It’s located 30 kms from Eldoret Town and 27 kms north from Iten Town.

28. Cherangani Hills

20 kms north of Sergoit Hill at Moiben, which sits just 5 kms outside the north and east boundaries of Uasin Gishu County in the northeast frontier, the area is marked by a sharp climb to an otherwise flat to slightly undulating area as the southern footslopes of the Cherangani Hills commence. These trend northerly from Elgeyo Marakwet County into Trans Nzoia and West-Pokot Counties with only a small section within Uasin Gishu County. The scenic striking ridges with deep intervening-valleys form part of the extensive Cherangani Forest Reserve. At Moiben there are fine views of Kaisongul-Labot Massif, known locally as flat-top, which stands at 10,311 ft. Covering over 1,141 km2 across four counties, the magnificent Cherangani Hills Ecosystem is one of the most beautiful landscapes in Kenya and the floral-jewel of North-Rift Kenya. It is comprised twelve roomy forests: Keren, Kapolet, Chemurkkoi, Cheboyit, Embobut, Kaisungor, Sogotio, Kipkunur, Kiptaberr, Kapkanyar, Toropket and Lelan. Its mountscapes, and the associated montane-forests, is one of the magnolious natural heritage in Kenya.

29. Sirikwa Holes at Moiben

The Sirikwa Holes is a term commonly used to describe saucer-shaped hollows which are found in numerous areas on the hillsides of the western highlands of Kenya and in the elevated stretches of the central Rift Valley around Nakuru. These hollows, each having a diameter of 10–20 metres and an average depth of 2.4 metres, occur in groups, sometimes numbering less than ten and at times more than a hundred. At various locations where the Sirikwa Holes have been uncovered, they are preserved on the sides with a ring of rocks. There is a like-mindedness where these holes have been located that these were once roofed mud houses likely occupied by the gatherers of a foregone age bespoken as the Sirikwa Tribe. “Before the Maasai epoch, the Sirikwa had been the dominant population of the western highlands of Kenya. The Sirikwa territory extended from Sotik in the south through Kericho, Nandi and Uasin Gishu to the slopes of Mount Elgon and Cherangani Hills in the north, and to the north limits of the Mau Hills and Nakuru in the east. They were prominent around 12th to 15th Century. The Sirikwa were primarily cattle herders, but they also carried out small-scale farming and gathered fruits and other wild plants” – Enzi Museum.

30. Kapsilot Hills

These are located about 20 kms east of Moiben near the boundary with Elgeyo Marakwet County. Here the wonder of hillocks stands tall over Karuna, Meibeki Ward. Moreover, “Kapsilot Hills are a soft spot to the eye as they have distinct summits. The gradual slopes allow for various recreational activities including hiking and nature walks”. High among the priority sites the Uasin Gishu County Government is looking to spruce-up as a way to diversify its tourism industry, there are plan to erect a monument at the summit of Kapsilot Hills. An original monument had been erected here in the 1870’s by explorer and missioner David Livingstone who was credited with helping to abolish slave trade in East Africa. “The relic monument was destroyed in the 1980’s because of suspicion that it contained mercury.” An exact replica of the monument is planned to be set-up at Kapsilot Hills to draw attention and preserve the singular history of this area.

31. Chebororwa Conservancy

The planned 5 km2 Chebororwa Conservancy is set at the extreme northeast corner of Uasin Gishu County abutting with Chebororwa Agricultural Training Centre and along the border with Elgeyo Marakwet County. It was communally earmarked years back to preserve the assorted wildlife found in the area and the current upgrade is expected to boost local tourism and conservation. From its higher vantage and atop the uplands found within Chebororwa are spectacular views of the seemingly flat Uasin Gishu Plateau juxtaposed with views of the singular Sergoit Hill and splendorous Cherangani Hills. Plans are underway to upright a perimeter fence and relocate more wildlife to the conservancy.  At the moment, feasibility study to assess its shortcomings, as well as, its strength are being carried out by experts.  The aims of Chebororwa Conservancy are to grow agro-tourism, which is a potential tourism niche in Uasin Gishu County, and offer adventure-makers access to its outstanding panoramas, its game viewing, and its cultural passages. It is located 56 kms northeast of Eldoret Town via C50 Eldoret-Cherangani-Kabenes Road through Moiben; close to Chebororwa ATC.

A View Inside Chebororwa Conservancy in Uasin Gishu

32. Rapids at Nangili

The Sergoit River, 3 kms east of Nangili – 34 kms north of Eldoret Town along B2 Eldoret-Kitale Road – where the river descends over a sudden change in the underlying basement rock, forms the series of rapids and small falls originally known as Nel’s Bridge Falls. Only modestly-known, even with natives of Uasin Gishu County, these are reachable from Eldoret, Turbo, and from Moi’s Bridge.