Uasin Gishu County

Attractions in Uasin Gishu County

6. Koromosho Falls

Originally christened Selby Falls, the under-developed 70 ms Koromosho Falls, found 13 kms east of Ndalat, is a deserving site for the intrepid who entreats the roads less travelled. Koromosho Falls occur where Sosiani River plumps-off the Uasin Gishu phonolit, about 80 kms from its source in the Kaptagat Forests in Elgeyo Marakwet County.  Koromosho Falls is set in the wildly pretty V-shape Sosiani Valley, a reasonably pleasing area to walk and explore. Another superb area, further downstream, is the confluence of Rivers Sosiani and Kipkaren. It is located about 13 kms east of Ndalat Centre and 15 kms west of Eldoret via C 39 Eldoret-Stendi-Yala Road, close to Kaptinga Seventh Day Adventist Church. 

Koromosho Falls – A hidden gem. Published by Titus Biwot

7. Greenwoods Resort

There are a multitude of reasons to visit the low-key and homely Greenwoods Resort, well-cited in the peri-urban area of Eldoret Town, from the simple joys of lazing on the eye-catching lawns, to camping at its grounds, to sleeping under the stars, or glamping in the lovely cottages.  There is a simplistic and laid back quality in this family friendly resort, which sprung out of a family opening the doors of their home to friends. Greenwoods Resort is located in a tranquil area, encircled by a planted forest, 12 kms from south of Eldoret Town and halfway between the Cheptiret Junction to Moi University and Eldoret; near Cheplaskei.

Aerial View of a Section of Greenwoods Resort and Campsite
Aerial View of a Section of Greenwoods Resort and Campsite

8. Doinyo Lessos Creamery

Launched in 1964 by Bryan Cuthbert, Doinyo Lessos Creameries, reputed as an internationally upheld cheese-maker, is one of Kenya’s oldest creameries.  The family-run Doinyo Lessos has built a reputation for superior quality cheese and especially of its top-notch highland cheddar, which is part of a production line of twenty more kinds of cheeses, varied yogurts, ice creams and ghee.  All their products are in every way engendered by hand.  Callers to Doinyo Lessos should look forward to the cheese tasting, the factory trips, its retail shop, and a first-hand experience in the artistry of hand-making superlative dairies.  It is located within reach of most roads in Eldoret Town, at Nandi Park, off Harambee Road.

9. Muge Memorial Mausoleum

The Bishop Alexander Kipsang Muge Memorial Mausoleum situated within the precincts of ACK St. Matthew’s Cathedral in Eldoret Town commemorates one of the most unforgettable personalities in the history of the Church in Kenya. Bishop Muge died on August 14th, 1990, in mysterious circumstances, after he defied an order from a Kanu stalwart not to visit Busia Town. Born Alexander Kispang Muge in March 1948, he became the first bishop of Anglican Diocese of Eldoret, and went on to be one of few brave Kenyans, and most notably the only outspoken clergy man, who questioned and dared talk ill of the harsh dictatorial President Daniel Arap Moi, his cronies and the singly ruling party Kanu: “In the 1980’s and early 1990’s, Kenya was literally a police state and Kenyans a fearful lot who kept looking over their shoulders, as the ‘Gestapo’ had penetrated every corner of the city and villages” – The Star. It is located along C39 Kisumu Road.

Mugo Mausoleum at St. Matthew's ACK Church Eldoret. Image Courtesy of Nation
The Mugo Mausoleum at St. Matthew’s Church. Image Courtesy of Nation

10. River Sosiani Park

The entire southwestern area of Uasin Gishu County is drained by the Sosiani and Kipkarren Rivers.  River Sosiani, which rises close to the crest of the Elgeyo Escarpment in the neighbouring Elgeyo Marakwet County, courses westwards through Eldoret Town down into the Selby Falls, after which it eventually joins up with River Kipkarren close to the western edge of Uasin Gishu.  Projects are well underway to set-up a nature and amusement park along River Sosiani, on a 4 km2 park near Eldoret Town. It is earmarked to be the foremost Urban Green Space in Eldoret.  It will feature; a viewing deck, birding pads, cultural heritage village, and an amphitheater.  It is found in the south outskirts of Eldoret Town.

11. Sisibo Cultural Festival

Away from farming and long-distance running, to a much welcome explosion of pomp and glamour, in a region cognate with modesty and routines, the Sisibo Cultural Festival is a colourful and rhythmic jamboree to celebrate the cultural diversity and essence of Uasin Gishu County. First held in December 2019, on a week long festival staged at the TAC Centre Ground in Eldoret Town, it’s a great opportunity for the locals and the thousands of visitors to the region to embrace diversity – through food, dance, crafts, fashion, traditional ceremonies or sports – and get a feel of the issues about sustaining and preserving cultures. In 2019, the festival brought joy, music and a huge amount of travellers to Eldoret, eager to participate in this amazing colourful fair. Uasin Gishu has seen tremendous growth brought about by the ideological thought process of cultural integration.