Nyamira County

Geography, Land-Use, Highlights, Population, Roads, Airports, Climate & National Monuments in Nyamira County

Geography of Nyamira County

As alluded to earlier, Nyamira’s lay of the land is by and large precipitous, from undulating to rolling, with flat-topped ridges alternating with bottomlands. The Nkoora, Kiabonyoru, Nyabisimba, Kemasare Hills and the Manga Ridge are the most predominant features in the county. Generally speaking, soils in Nyamira are deep, permeable and highly fertile with good physical traits. The fertility is largely thanks to enrichment with volcanic ash from the Rift Valley Volcanoes. Consequently, much of the land within Nyamira has been put under cultivation, with over 90% of its population depending on agriculture for subsistence. The poorer drained soils on the plains and bottomlands are mostly used for grazing.

Land Use in Nyamira County

The agricultural industry contributes almost 90% of Nyamira’s Gross Domestic Product and employs a substantive labour force. Agriculture plays an important role in the County’s socio-economic development and contributes towards its households food, income and nutritional security. Nyamira County comprises of both large scale and small scale farmers. The acreage under food crops and cash crops in Nyamira County is 58,394 and 48,543 hectares, respectively. The major cash crops in the county include tea, coffee, pyrethrum and banana, as well as, the blossoming horticulture sector. The main food crops grown include maize, beans, cassava, sweet potatoes, vegetables, avocado, millet and sorghum.

Highlights in Nyamira County

Nyamira County has no wildlife conservation complexes; game parks, reserves, conservancies, game ranches. And, although some small mammals like monkey and porcupine can be sighted along its major rivers and few forests, wildlife has been almost completely displaced owing to the high population growth. Instead, Nyamira County relies on exceptional topographic and scenic beauty. The hotel industry in Nyamira is yet to hit its full stride. However, at the moment, there are five quality hotels in the county offering reasonable accommodation. These include: Borabu Inn, Guardian Resort and Freisha Hotel within Nyamira Town.

View of the Engoro ya Mwaga in the cultural landscape of Manga Hills.  Photo Courtesy
The Engoro ya Mwaga at Manga Hills. Image Courtesy of Kisii Tourism

Population in Nyamira County

The total population within Nyamira County in 2012 was aright projected to be 632,046 of which, 303,252 were males and 328,783 were females. This dense population was expected to increase to 667,716 and 692,641 in 2015 and 2017. The inter-census population growth rate is 1.9% versus the national rate of 3%.

Airports in Nyamira County

Nyamira currently has no airports and airstrips.

Roads in Nyamira County

Nyamira County has a total of 398 kms of roads, of which, earth surface make up 200 kms and gravel surface make up 100 kms, and 80 kms are bitumenized.

Nyamira County Distance Chart
Nyamira County Distance Chart

Climate in Nyamira County

The maximum day and minimum night temperatures are normally between 28o C and 10oC respectively, translating to an average temperature of 19 Degrees C.

National Monuments in Nyamira County

There are no designated National Monuments in Nyamira County.

Nyamira County Map

Nyamira County Map