Mogotio Equator Crossing, Hotel Lomanira, Olduka Valley, Maji-Moto Hot Springs, Lake Bogoria Reserve, and Lake Bogoria Spa Resort

Attractions in Baringo County

A Sectional View of Olduka Valley near Marigat – Landmarks in Kenya
A Sectional View of Olduka Valley – Landmarks in Kenya

1. Mogotio Equator Crossing

The customary stop-over at Mogotio Equator Crossing has been a decades old tradition and norm by travellers to Baringo. Situated from 40 kms from Nakuru Town, it is for Baringo County what the Iten Viewpoint is to the neighbouring Elgeyo Marakwet County, the universal welcome. Here, a requisite photo at the metal-fabricated spherical model of earth and the Equator beacon are the main highlights. Almost always hot and dusty at the Mogotio Equator Crossing, it is a poignant nudge that in the immediate north of the North Hemisphere lies one of the driest and arid blocks of land in Kenya – the adulated Northern Frontier District. At the modern Mogotio Equator Information Centre, which is the main development here, travellers can get reliable information about Baringo County and beyond. From Mogotio Crossing it is easy to make quick detours to nearby Hotel Lomanira, Olduka Valley, Sawaiti Wetland, Mogotio Sisal Farms and Maji Moto before proceeding north to Lakes Bogoria and Baringo National Reserves.

Mogotio Equator Crossing
Spatial Location of Mogotio Equator Crossing in Baringo County

2. Hotel Lomanira

Located just 2 km from Mogotio Equator Crossing is the recently founded Hotel Lomanira Splendour, which offers both descent accommodation and an ideal base to explore Baringo. Its layout, furnishing and craftsmanship are all-round impressive. The atmosphere is laid-back and peaceful. It is especially useful as a layover for trippers who wish to start their adventure of Baringo on fresh-feet. One of its outdoor highlights is the nearby Olduka Valley, which the guests can nimbly give a look-see on biking-tours. Hotel Lomanira Splendour is located along C54 Nakuru-Sigor Road; about 2 kms before Mogotio Equator Crossing.

View Inside Lomanira Hotel Near Mogotio

3. Olduka Valley

A great deal of Baringo’s beauty arises from its precipitous landscape typified by a patchwork of lofty cliffs, hillocks, gorges and valleys. One of its memorable displays can be seen at the surprisingly little-known Olduka Valley, just 2 kms from Mogotio Equator Station. Here, the natural wonder of the steep-sided canyon curved by centuries of fast-flowing flush flood has left in its wake a picturesque scenery of moonscape like formation. Its unique combination of erosional configurations, geologic colour and shrubland forms a decorate valley of rare beauty. It is possible to scale down and walk some sections of the valley, preferably during the earlier parts of the day. The nearby Hotel Lomanira offers biking-tours of Olduka Valley. It’s located about 1 km from the Lomanira Hotel.

4. Maji-Moto Hot Springs

Always at 38 degrees Celsius, with phenomenal scenery, in seclusion, this is a bath-made-in-heaven. The fact that hot water oozes from the ground should be reason enough to visit the springs, yet, the site is extraordinarily beautiful. Its beauty is pieced together by the turquoise pools in an unspoiled landscape, the beauty of the valley which unfolds around every bend and, the tiered pools that are wedged between the huge outcrops – giving a sense of being in the world’s biggest bathtub. It has a waterfalls too! With warm water. Maji-Moto Springs epitomizes the joy of exploring a little-known hidden gem. The 3-bandas Kudu Camp is the perfect jumping-off place to fully enjoy this wonder. “The camping site has magical nights under billions of enchanting stars. Looking up from the natural spa at night is just magical. Then, sit around a blazing born-fire as you unwind”. From here, you can drive to Lake Bogoria, which is only 8 kms away. For further inspiration read the Kenyan Camper’s “Bogoria’s Hot Little Secret”.

Spatial Location of the Kudu Camp near the shore of Lake Bogoria National Reserve
Spatial Location of the Kudu Camp near Lake Bogoria National Reserve

5. Lake Bogoria National Reserve

As is the disposition with flamingo, they are unpredictable in their comings and goings, and one cannot be certain of their presence, but, at the 107 km2 Lake Bogoria, their spectacle is open for inspection year-round. The lake’s claim to fame is as a veritable flamingo water. At times, the flamingos assemble here in hundreds of thousands. The unmistakable epic pink line made by its flamingos has honoured Lake Bogoria with endless praise as the ultimate ornithological destination in Kenya. Historically, the largest congregation of these flamingos assemble when the lake’s waters are lowest, between August and early October. Originally known as Hannington Lake, Lake Bogoria also lacks little in scenery. Set hard against the steep slopes of the Rift Valley’s eastern wall, with the cliffs and gradients descending about 4,000 ft into the emerald green to azure water, it provides one of the most fetching sweeps in Baringo. It is also home to varied wildlife, most notably of its Kudu that are easily seen on the eastern shores. The other key attraction at Lake Bogoria is its series of gushing furmaroles and hot-springs half way along the western shore. From here, trippers may wish to have a meal or stopover at Lake Bogoria Spa Resort. Lake Bogoria is located 45 kms from Mogotio, 20 kms from Marigat, and about 25 kms south of Lake Baringo. The two lakes – Bogoria and Baringo – are remnants of a once continuous lake, and are now separated by the Loboi Plain, a wide extent of silt laid down by the original lake. Lake Bogoria is saline, and is fed by springs from the escarpment above it; a couple of impermanent tributaries on the west including the Emsoss River fed by the hot springs, and the Wasagess River flowing in from the north. The salinity of Bogoria intensifies to the south, reflecting the greater recharge from the north end. There is a possibility of subsurface drainage northwards, to Lake Baringo, situated some fifty feet lower, but most of the loss from this Lake is undoubtedly due to its ‘pervasive evaporation’ that causes its routine salinity.

The Kenya Lake System in the Great Rift Valley (UNESCO World Heritage Site) is a natural property of outstanding beauty comprising three shallow lakes (Bogoria, Nakuru and Elementaita) covering 320 km2. They are home to 13 globally threatened bird species and some of the highest bird diversities in the world. It is the single most important foraging site for the lesser flamingo, and a major nesting and breeding ground for great white pelicans. – UNESCO 

6. Lake Bogoria Spa Resort

The 95-rooms Lake Bogoria Spa Resort is the anchor hotel at the Lake Bogoria National Reserve. Its accommodation is split into 6-executive rooms, 30-junior suites, 38-cottage rooms, 21-standard rooms and 20-camping tents. This time-honoured resort enjoys the best of the landforms: woodlands, riverine flora and velvety patches of Lake Bogoria’s biosphere. Likewise, Lake Bogoria Spa Resort enjoys stirring and stellar vistas of the countryside landscape, with glimpses of the beckoning lake. Then, there is the geological curiosity of its three naturally heated spa-pools, locally known as the healing place, liked for their therapeutic benefits. There are three ways of getting to Lake Bogoria Spa Resort: via Loboi, Maji-Moto and Nakuru-Marigat Road. From Lake Bogoria, the Resort is located towards the northern-end of the parkway which goes across the Lake’s eastern edges and about 11 kms from the water’s edge. It’s located 21 kms from Marigat.

A View Inside Lake Baringo Spa Resort. Image Courtesy

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Baringo County Map

Baringo County Map